Words are taken by the wind ... And the images? Why do I look for images that last? Before realizing that we already live in the post-photography era, where trillions of photographs are born and disappear in milliseconds (often without trace) and have become a universal language, perhaps at the cost of an authentic personal expression that gives us identity as individuals, the search for “post-image” is what drives me to peer through the hole in my camera. I have noticed that I try to capture images that persist in the eye (like the postretinian images), that survive in the memory ... or maybe beyond (I am a naive?). Through the scenes, the moments, the faces, there are symbols in which I recognize myself and that possibly guide me in the recomposition of this map of the world that I continue to create since I saw the first light.

My name is Antonio J. Fernández and I’ve been working for several years as a photographer and graphic designer at Estudio Pep Carrió in Madrid. 

The name antoojo represents my most personal photographic work through the selection that I show in this portfolio. Street photography (including portrait) in its vast majority and also others that do not fit in this genre, but I wanted to show here too. Some of these images are “pre-meditated” and others are the result of chance. I consider them gifts whose emotion I would like to share.

I have a fantasy: to capture images that have the presence of the first light that appears when you wake up from a very deep dream ... or the one that you find when you close your eyes to find peace in the silence.